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Íshestars Special North Nine Glaciers Ride July 31 - August 11, 2010

Day by day itinerary

Day 1: Saturday: Arrival in Iceland – Keflavík Airport – Reykjavík

Transfer from Keflavík Airport to Fosshotel, Sudurgata  in Reykjavík. At 19:30 welcome dinner at restaurant "Skólabrú - Potturinn og Pannan", where we received details of the tour and met our fellow riders. 

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Day 2: Sunday: Reykjavík – Saltvík – Fosshóll - Guesthouse Kiđagil - Mýri

Domestic flight in the morning to Akureyri and transfer to Saltvík, the farm of Bjarni, where we met the staff members and got our saddle, nose span, saddlebag, water bottle, riding helmet, rain gear and sleeping bag for the tour and a lunch package for the first riding day. After that we went by cars to Fosshóll at the Gođafoss waterfall, where we met the horses and started our ride. We passed the majestic Gođafoss waterfall and rode alongside the mighty river Skjálfandafljót in the friendly valley Bárđardalur. We enjoyed excellent riding paths. The horses were taken to Mýri, where they spent the night. The riders stayed overnight at the cozy guesthouse Kiđagíl. Kiđagil. (40 km)

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Day 3: Monday: Kiđagil - Mýri– Fossgilsmosar

We rode further along the lake Íshólsvatn into Mjóidalur valley to Fossgílsmosar, passing the hut Mosar. We left the horses at Fossgílsmosar and went by car to Laugafell, where we spent the night after an extensive stay in a heita potti.

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Day 4: Tuesday: Fossgilsmosar – Laugafell Mt. Cabin

We rode past the famous canyon Kiđagil (well known from our song "Ríđum, ríđum"). Using the ancient Sprengisandur trail, we continued through a desert of sand and stones to the hut at Laugafell for another overnight stay. We enjoyed again a dip in the natural hot pool there. (40 km)

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Day 5: Wednesday: Laugafell – Ţorljótsstađir – Gilhagi Farm

Today we reach the Skagafjörđur area and ride down Vesturdalur valley. Mighty glacier fed rivers have shaped the landscape, originating from Hofsjökull Glacier. The landscape turns into green meadows as we get closer to the inhabited areas. The horses stay behind at Thorljótsstađir farm and we drive to our accommodation for the next two nights at Gilhagi farmhouse. (45 km)

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Day 6: Thursday: Ţorljótsstađir - Gilhagi Farm

A relaxed riding day in the beautiful Skagafjörđur area. Enjoy the view towards the sea while riding down from the mountains. You will see horses grazing in the meadows as you get closer to the farm lands. Another night at Gilhagi farmhouse. (25 km)

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Day 7: Friday: Gilhagi – Galtará Mt. Cabin

We leave the Skagafjörđur area behind and ride through Gilhagadalur valley up into the highlands again. See how the vegetation changes on your way to Galtará Mt. Cabin. Once on the highland plateau you see the great Glaciers ahead of you. Galtará Mt. Cabin is situated close to mighty Blöndulón Lake. This mountain cabin offers warm showers, a real luxury in the highland wilderness. (30 km)

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Day 8: Saturday: Galtará – Öldumóđuskáli Mt. Cabin

Today we cross the huge dam that created Blöndulón Lake. Now we reach the highland heath of Húnavatnssýsla district. We follow Grímstunguheiđi heath all the way to Öldumóđuskáli Mt. Cabin where we spend the night. (40 km)

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Day 9:Sunday: Öldumóđuskáli – Stóri-Sandur – Álftakrókar Mt. Cabin

Another famous highland heath lies ahead of us, but first we have to cross the notorious area Stóri-Sandur. Coming onto Arnarvatnsheiđi heath with numerous lakes and green pastures we follow excellent riding tracks. On our way to the hut at Álftakrókar we stop for a while between the lakes Arnarvatn and Réttarvatn to sing the traditional song “Efst á Arnarvatns­hćđum”. (50 km)

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Day 10: Monday: Álftakrókar – Fljótstunga Farm

This is our last day of riding and after having crossed the glacial river Norđlingafljót, we reach the huge lava field Hallmundarhraun. Here we stop at Surtshellir, Iceland’s biggest cave. From Surtshellir we enjoy good riding in breathtaking nature to Fljótstunga Farm where stay for this night. (30 km)

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Day 11: Tuesday: Fljótstunga – Reykjavík

Transfer back to Reykjavík for an overnight stay. Approx. arrival in Reykjavík at 11:30.

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Day 12: Wednesday: Departure from Iceland – Reykjavík – Keflavík Airport

Transfer by bus to Keflavík Airport in time for the flight back home.